Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Heavy Fidget Spinners

Hey Everyone,

Well, another gray and dreary end-of-the-year day out there today...at least it's very warm, almost 40F! :)

I'm still scrambling around to see what I can finish for the year...I will have another small sale or two yet to come before I take a short break for the New Year week paperwork catch up. The one thing I do hate every year is the paperwork aspect of my business! It's always a nuisance, but has to be done obviously if I am to keep going. ;)

Well today I have a very small batch of Stainless Steel Fidget Spinners that I never got around to finishing a year or two ago. These are super thick, 1/4" 316 stainless steel with a heavy striated texture on them. They are all stamped and there's only about two dozen of them here. You will recall I released a titanium version of these a few years ago, but this group is much thicker, and obviously much heavier. They would require a tall spinner core, and I do not know if Scott is still making them or not, but check out his cool TorqBars and send him a note to find out more info on the inserts if you don't already have one. I do not have any spinner cores available, they come from Scott and it is strictly a DIY project...These are reamed closely so the tolerance would make for a TIGHT fit on the spinner core...

Heavy Fidget Spinners will run $70 plus shipping, and it's one per customer on them please...thanks for dropping by today and have a great week my friends!

Sold Out, thank you again my friends!


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