Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ti Whistles SUSale

Happy Sunday Folks! It's gray and gloomy here, good day for another sign up sale...

Today I have a small batch of titanium whistles done. There are 20 of these in rainbow anodized satin finish. They vary in color a little, some are lighter and some are darker but all are really gorgeous. They will run $95 each plus shipping and the link is below. Sign Up Sale will end at 7PM Eastern time this evening. Thanks for stopping by!

Sign up is over, I will publish the list and send out emails shortly, thank you!

List of Entrants

SUSale Rules


sashner said...

Come to daddy!!!

Peter Atwood said...

Some people like the SUSales because they actually get a chance to get in on a sale, the same as everyone else. Others send angry comments in complaining about them. I haven't done many of these in the past year so I'm doing a few now. I'll be back to some regular sales soon enough. But this way the same 20 people don't automatically get in there in the first 5 minutes and clean me out, everyone gets the same shot.

george said...

these SUSales are great! peter has the right to do his sales any way he wants, and i think he manages to make it as fair as possible for as many people as possible.
by the way, does anyone know where this random guy lives? i feel like i need to have a serious talk with him! he doesn´t seem to understand that i really want to buy the stuff i sign up for! ;-)
good luck to everyone!

BuzzKill said...

Let me guess... the complainers are the 20?

So far I have not won a single SUSale. But at least I know I have a shot at it.

You just keep doin' what you're doin'. The rest will take care of itself.

I love my PG and have been after one of the whistles for a while now. I have a lot of camping coming up and a good, lightweight, titanium, Atwood, rescue whistle should be a part of any scouters 10 essentials.

Isaac said...

As much as I like catching the regular sales, it is also fun to have these SUSale's.

You should do them more often, not everytime, but alot more often.

Steve said...

Loving these SUSales!! It's like the excitement of playing the lottery, except your ticket is free, and you only pay if you win, haha!

digital66 said...

I think it is good to mix it up and have some fun. I know that the SUS sales are actually more time consuming for you to do. I think it is nice for you to take the time to make it fun for what I guess is the majority of folks?
BTW; I started checking on your site I believe in late March or early April and did not see any SUS sales until recently and they have been fun! I bought my 1st Atwood tool in late April so I am pretty sure on that timeline and it is now September... I think that is mixing it up pretty good! I am in and having fun! Keep it up and keep doing it both ways when you have the time!

Thanks Peter!
Good luck Everyone!

tillman said...

I would assume I'm one of the 20 and I love SUS! I have never won one, but I'm going to!
I feel very fortunate for every tool I have:)
I would never complain about how Peter chooses to sell his items, they are his to sell in any fashion he sees fit.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Love the whistle :)
Btw, I accidentally signed up twice I believe. Wrong postcode first time round.. 137 & 139 Sorry Peter..
All the best everyone!

stillsurfing05 said...

Thanks Peter, these sales are a good idea to bring balance to your sales. The whistles willmake a fine addition to your fans collections!

TedP said...

Peter - Pay no attention to the complainers... Your tools are the BEST. Keep on truckin', Man!

Kemtitec said...

I lost my P.A. whistle a month ago. Feel off my key chain. Let's see if lady luck is with me.