Thursday, September 15, 2011

The List

Another amazing turnout! Thanks so much everyone. :)

OK, I was surprised to see some of these numbers come up in a row but they did...I will send out emails right now.

3 smack2000
36 JonnyThunder
67 anewby
81 BSR
99 Hellooo Snakebite!!
133 Zazenist
136 SteK
146 ClassicDerek
162 Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!
176 brmin
177 DB
178 Bloodline
196 Fred
256 raincoast
272 Konigsberg13
349 thartley
350 Taz Devil NYS


Smack2000 said...

Holy Cow my first SUS win! Sweet! Paypal Incoming :-)

melman8r said...

Whew! I lost... :(

digital66 said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Looks like a great tool to have and everyone has been asking for something sharp... Had # 86... should have known since it is usually used if you want to get rid of something. But there were 18 for sale and 18 is my lucky number so I still had hope... Another day will come; soon I hope! ;o)
Thanks for the exciting day Peter!
Rob W.

Unknown said...

The good sportsmanship side of me is saying "Congratulations all you winners" the evil voice the lusts after sharp things is saying (in an evil ((of course)) undertone) "reshing crashin frashin no good *#@&%....shoulda been me"

but the good side wins out, great SUS Pete, and it sure keeps the ol' heart pumping.