Sunday, September 04, 2011

Whistle List

Wow, so another terrific turnout. Thank you to everyone who signed up! I guess maybe another batch of whistles should be in the offing at some point...

Anyway, here is the list. I'll send out emails right now, thank you again!

9 Dale
45 SchexMixx
67 Ryan Kat
75 kii
89 Janette Luttrell
92 Epoch
109 katsiin
134 Do Not Have One
138 Bob Ross
192 GMoney
195 MJN
196 ixbrian
197 Seven Out
199 saltydog
218 melman8r
238 Porterspop
240 Jacob
244 wadams
248 onyxhawk
251 skull92


Isaac said...

Doh missed it by 2......

GMoney said...

thanks peter. another exciting SUS.

melman8r said...

Thanks FTW Peter!

Trunkmonkey said...

Missed again! Congrats to the winners and as always, let me know if anyone drops out...

ismo said...

So how do you choose the number?
Do you have bingo machine or something?

Peter Atwood said... has a random number generator which makes it simple and fair.

Russler said...

Peter -- Another set of Ti whistles and another set of Tipplers would be great :)

A for the Randomizer, thanks... I just ran a set and sad to say I still didn't win -- that number must be broken lol ;)

The Maddox Family said...

LOVE SUS!!! Keep them coming :)

kj said...

Always appreciate the opportunities you give us to acquire a piece of your work. I'll keep trying. Kj

Taz Dev NYs said...

Your last sign up sale is already on eBay. Pest sus

HighSpeedTROUBLE said...

I hope there will be some more Lanslides and lanyards available soon. I only have one right now...(one lanyard).

Hopefully soon...:-) Thanks for making these goodies, Peter! Great stuff, as always!

Peter Atwood said...

Definitely will be more Lanslides coming in the next couple of weeks. Some ti ones, perhaps more bronze and I'm thinking of maybe two other materials that I have never used before...

HighSpeedTROUBLE said...

Very cool! I think I will send you an email here in a little bit. :-)

Still love my SOPT...I think that is my favorite, so far...well...I have several favorites actually. hehe (DLC MSOPT, DLC WildCard, etc.)

Thanks for the update on those Lanslides!

Jacob said...

Got my whistle in today! My first ti whistle. It is feather light. Great piece as always Peter!