Thursday, October 13, 2011

And the Numbers Are...

Thank you once again folks! Wow, great turn out. :)

Here are the numbers, will send emails right now:

20 Figurado
26 Tad
41 fc3
48 SteK
65 godlovesugly
140 SamMcGee
146 Morton
196 mp101
247 Cobra4246
332 raz184
393 ralphdrocketman
408 rugerfanuk


calilw said...

I think there is a mistake. I didn't see my number called!

Steve said...

Foiled again! Congrats to the winners!

cobra4246 said...

Thank you Peter
First win after MANY trys

Anonymous said...

I have a spare kidney if anyone wants to trade one of those gold/bronze Ghosts! Perfect working condition. Congratulations to the lucky 13 :)

Paul V. said...

No joke, I'm disappointed, but awesome for all the winners. Nice score, guys and of course good job to Peter. Jesus, I don't know how I slipped into the collector mode. This dude is fiendishly clever. My son is going to be quite happy one day. Of course he's only 4, so I'll have to play with them until then....

Todd said...

Have you ever thought about posting pictures of your workshop or some of the steps you take to make a tool? I think many fans would be interested in seeing some action shots


googlesucks said...

got mine today, I love it!

ScottA said...

He does have a few youtube videos.

ScottA said...

Here's his youtube channel:

Joseph said...

peter thanks for your help.
I can't wait for the G5.
My first win.