Friday, January 29, 2016

T-Wrex Winner List!

Wow, another terrific turnout. Thank you so much!

Without further ado, here is the randomly drawn list:

5 Ansel1
47 Elysium1230
48 tmw
81 Andwoodle
82 Hammertime
112 JHS
138 stnphoto 
161 Eskerbillion 
165 parallax
172 kevinK
177 Joe
178 SexyT-Rexy-baby!
186 alva
192 Bkturnr
229 Kahowell13
250 Jalessi
355 buckerroo1
366 NickNardone
380 artmax
392 Han
393 BadKarma
394 Hope to get it
405 jdbeltran
420 bluejay68

Thanks again everyone, will send the emails out shortly!


Unknown said...

Thank you Peter for these SUS's. Even if I don't win, am happy to know some people who don't have those fancy notification programs have a legit chance to win one of your pieces.

Unknown said...

I agree, its the best way of doing it, I still never win however!