Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do You Live in Hong Kong or Singapore? Also, Postage Rate Changes

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note...paypal shipping labels have changed and I'm having trouble with certain Asian cities...if you live in Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan please take a moment and go into your paypal account and make an address change.

The problem is that those cities are also considered countries. You need to make sure that you put down for example, Hong Kong, as BOTH your country AND your city. Otherwise, the paypal software does not allow me to edit your address and add your city. In other words, there is no city address field to which to add the correct city and so the software rejects it and I end up having to tediously create the mailing labels by hand.

Also, I just noticed today that the postal rates (including US) have changed across the board. New International Priority Mail rates are as follows:

Most International: $29-31
Canada: $23

I know there are a bunch of folks using remailing services in the US so that they can pay the US shipping rate. I am not sure exactly how that works but it is definitely worth looking into if you buy a lot of stuff from the USA. Maybe someone can chime in here and let us all know how those services work.

Thanks for bearing with me! 


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kai said...

I use Shipito as my US ® emailer - they're quick, their rates are good and they can combine shipping on multiple items to save even more.