Friday, February 05, 2016

Stamped Zirconium Mini P15s

Hi Folks,

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! After a long period of relatively mild temps and bare ground we are finally getting some of the white stuff falling today. It's light and fluffy though and I don't think it is here to stay for very long as it will be in the 40's F. this weekend. Sure is pretty at the moment.

Well I have a cool little surprise for you today. After much hemming and hawing I finally decided to do another Zirconium 702 tool. I could have done almost anything but I chose the SAE Mini P15 as it is one of my current favorite designs. These tools are made from my "normal" thickness stock, .160, so they have just enough heft to them, the weight falling squarely between titanium and steel. The material has a subtle sandy texture to it which is the natural mill finish on the sheets. The deep black finish comes from a long process of sanding, tumbling, blasting and burnishing. Finally they are slowly and gently FlameWashed, one by one, and then oiled to bring up the final shine.

In addition I have stamped these Prybabies with a wide variety of both my antique and modern stamps. Great fun and a nice way to showcase this rare and exotic material.

The Zirconium Mini P15s will run $110 each plus shipping and obviously it's a one per customer sale. The link to purchase is below...have a terrific weekend everyone and enjoy the big game on Sunday.

These are sold out, thank you once again everyone!



Michael Gaffney said...

I am so glad you did another Zirconium tool, Peter! I'm also smiling ear to ear since I managed to buy one!!! They look great, Peter!

Munkey6901 said...

Wow these are awesome Peter! I can't believe I actually scored one!

John said...

Wowzers! :D

Chris said...

Got to the purchase page, hit the "Buy it now" button and received the "sold out message"... so close!!!

Zag96 said...

These look awesome. I think you've said that working with this metal is a pain, but the tools sure are pretty! Congrats to the lucky few who scored.