Friday, January 29, 2016


Hi Everyone,

Well, January is rapidly drawing to a close and I'm always happy to see it go, because it means spring is not too far away now. This year we have lucked out big time, especially compared to the miserable winter we had last year. Luckily the big storm last week missed us entirely and we currently have no snow cover at all. That's hard on some local wildlife and certain trees but it's quite pleasant for humans and for my winter heating bills!

Much progress has been made this week. I worked on a broad variety of projects. Almost ready to send CPM 3V P10 Metric Prybabies to heat treat. 3V Mini Wedgies will be next on the steel to do list and they are already well underway. Krinkle ti Termites are cut and I started prep work on those to make them ready for milling. (They will be straight btw, no XL bends because bends on interrupted edges cause micro cracking and high rate of tool loss.) I also came up with a couple of brand new drawings, one of which is headed for fast track production: Little Jimmy, aka the SikStik. And in other news I managed to secure a nice supply of the gorgeous Krinkle textured ti material before it disappears forever, enough for several years of future projects. Lastly, I am finishing up the last steps for some rather special Mini Prybabies and those will be forthcoming very soon.

Today I have a little Sign Up Sale for you. I have a couple dozen heavy duty Roid CPM 3V steel T-Wrex tools with extra grinds and vintage finish. These are the remaining pieces from last year's batch and I just got around to putting the final touches on them. They are identical to the originals but have extra grinds, mostly of the face grind variety.

The Xtra-Wrexes will run $90 plus shipping and the link to sign up is below. (If the link is no longer there it means the sale is over...) The Sign Up period will run 30 minutes, from 2PM eastern time until 2:30 PM eastern time, after which I will remove the sign up link, sort the entries and pick the winners. PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP ONCE! Duplicates will be discarded.

Sign up is over and I will post the winner list shortly. Thanks again folks!

List of Entrants

Sign Up Sale Rules, Please Read!


Unknown said...

It put me in twice as 139 and 140. Please delete one. thanks

Unknown said...

argh missed by 1

elphant888 said...

I missed the sign-up period for this one, and I've been very fortunate with getting in on the regular sales in the past, but as a general thing I do like the return of the SUS!

Unknown said...

Hi Peter how are you, I'm really interested in a T-Rex missed out the last 10 times. If you have any lefty tools knocking around too please let me know.

Peter Atwood said...

Steve, thanks. I don't have any more T Wrexes but I do have other tools in stock. Please email me.