Thursday, January 21, 2016

Plain Hangman 2.0

Hi Everyone!

It's a bright and sunny week here in Massachusetts, although seasonably chilly. Certainly there are no complaints here though, this winter has been very mild compared to the brutal temps we had last year. And it's looking like the big storm that is bearing down on the mid Atlantic states will miss us. We'll take it.

Not too much new to report with projects. I'm slowly working on a few things and will try to get at least one batch of steel items out to heat treat this month. More will follow next month too.

Today I have the rest of the Krinkle Titanium Hangman 2.0 batch done. These are the plain ones, without anodizing. They will run the same as the previous ones, $65 plus shipping. The batch is fairly small so it will be one per customer on them as usual. Thanks for stopping by folks, and I hope everyone is having a great week!

Hangmen are gone for now, thank you as always!


Chris said...

Score! Now I have a replacement for the purple one my wife "liberated" from me this week!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! In on this one. My first Hangman. Love the plain krinkle pattern. Have a great day Peter. This made my day already.

Unknown said...

I would love one! Are there some left?