Friday, October 10, 2008

DLC MSOPTHing Winners Are...

#78 Mirek
#231 PBRstreetgang

Congratulations fellas and thank you for participating. :)


yy said...

Big Cong!!!

Matt said...

Man the one chance in getting a msopthing and I didn't win.

Anyone know where I can find a MSOPThing without an insane mark-up?

Lolanose said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but I must say I love this lottery!

Peter, you are the best!

Thanks, and congrats to the winners!

It's great to see folks get a chance to obtain your work!

Man, that's a lot of exclamation marks!

adam said...

I love these lotteries.. Keep it up Peter.


Snake Man Bone said...

I am just not too sure if I like the lottery or not. You always want to be happy for the winners but man look at all those loosers.

Snake Man Bone said...

Too much negativity in a blog is bad but honest feedback I believe is a good way to go. I understand the lottery is a good way of having fun. But what ever happened to the hunt. The Chase, the speed of the hand the quick and fit. Well I admit I have had it pretty easy when it comes to getting ATwood pieces, but I also have been doing it for awhile and it's something I enjoy. I think of it as a hunt. A safari of sorts. You go out in the Jungle and play with the Beasts, sometimes you score and sometimes you don't, But to just have some random person who never has really tried to HUNT for an Atwood Suddenly win one of the "I must say most unique pieces I have have ever seen From the "Legend Himself" A freakin Diamond Coated MSOP Holy Macamole, that really is a Lottery now isn't it. So I could say that person never really tried but by fait and luck He or she has Won the BEas of the Jungle.

James Reeves said...

PBRStreetgang is good people. FalFiles!

Peter Atwood said...


We are in between batches of stuff right now. These lotteries are for one of a kind and small run items only. Relax. I have larger batches of stuff in the works and I'll be doing my old fashioned releases again as soon as I get some more stuff finished. Not MSOPThings though, these that I am making now are going to be the end of them for the foreseeable future. Several more dozen are coming and all will be lotteried.

Cuso said...

I am just not too sure if I like the lottery or not. You always want to be happy for the winners but man look at all those loosers. Its the same deal has when the regular releases are done, theres always going to be "loosers" AKA people that missed the listing or arrived late. This way everyone gets a chance, and the poor souls that stick to the computer/handheld device all day long can save some eyesight/battery life.

Anonymous said...


I have always enjoyed the same hunter's (sometimes fisherman´s) feelings and system for scoring tools. The lottery was a disappointment for me, as well. Nevertheless, apparently passive system started a new challenge for me.
1) This lottery gives you always winning numbers. It is a big difference to lotto!
2) I started to study I randomized about one hundred various sets, and found some clusters (or trends)in winning numbers. Especially, I found two numbers which are complete losers. A little bit higher chance to score gave me again some kind of hunter's thrill. In spite only four results of lotteries appeared, I felt my system is not bad.
3) I have had the system how to win - let's go! The Talonite MSOPT was my first try, and... nothing. Well, no system is perfect.
4) Two nice DLC MSOPTs appeared in a new lottery. I was able to entry the lottery as #2 due to my very good RSS alerting system - a sad reminiscence about the "old stampede" system came to my mind... I tried the with 250 and 300probable lottery entries. My own system showed me some chance! There were about 15 lottery entrants till that time. I had to wait for my lucky clusters! Wanted to choose the color, so lower numbers were the way to go. While waiting for the cluster of 70 numbers set, I felt again the old hunting thrill! The lottery entries started to speed up, and I almost did not catch 70s... Well, #77 seemed to be too eye-catching, I decided to wait when somebody used it, and in my second browser window closed with #78. Appeared to me as a good number.
5) The less enjoying period lasted a lot of hours. I checked-up the lottery entries, some names had really good numbers, too... :-( Suddenly, started to feel I do not have a chance. OK, next lottery of MSOPTs may come again. The most important was the final number - I relied on the proposal of 250-300 participants.
6) It was really crazy and unbelievable feeling when I saw my number 78 as a winning number :-)
Does it mean my system works? Who knows... At least, I found the way how to enjoy the passive system of lotteries. My new MSOPT will be a beautiful trophy reminder about this hunt ;-)
7) Will I try it again? Good news for you, folks - now I have a significantly lower mathematical chance to score again... :-) This is my experience with the randomizer. My financial funds are not endless, too.

Snake Man Bone said...

Well I appreciate all of your Feed Back, I think that Whisky and Late night Blogging can lead to long winded speeches on my part. I am very happy for the winners and I always enjoy new Ideas from Peter. I guess I just get a bit choked up over the MSOPs because they are my favorite and I really wanted to get one. Have a great day everyone!!!!!!

Aaron said...


Your pulling are leg right? Randomizer has done millions of trials (not hundreds) and tweeked their system. Just because low numbers appeared in this very small sample size doesn't mean they are statistically more likely. What would be the point of claiming to be random then?

Can you clarify you are saying you entered the lottery twice? In point number 4 you seam to indicate you entered both as number 2 and number 78.

In point number 7 you fail to take into account the rule of independent chances. Like a gambler at a roulette table saying that #3 hasn't come up in a long time so it is bound to happen. It has the same exact chance every spin. Just like you will have as much chance as anybody else next time assuming everyone is only entering once.

Matt said...

Hey Peter! So you are saying there are several more dozens of MSOPThings and are all lotteries?

I read your post earlier and it sounds like that's what you said.

Please clarify me if I am wrong about the several dozen msopthing.


Peter Atwood said...

Yup, lots are coming and I will have both satin and matte finishes. :)

Matt said...

Awesome Peter! Thanks for the quick reply! You had me worried that I would never have a chance to get my hands on a MSOPThing without an insane mark-up on edc or candlepower(or whatever that website is called)

I appreciate it.

They will all be dealt through lotteries or will I have to sit a refresh for one?


Aaron said...

Matt - in his previous comment on this thread he states they will all be through lottery. Good luck

Anonymous said...


some numbers are significantly more frequent in any type of lottery in spite of the same statistical chances. I know it from the statistics of our national lotto. I think, the equalised (balanced?) distribution of numbers appears after the infinite number of lottery rounds. But I am not a statistician, don't take me too seriously :-)
One of the findings in my randomizer tests was: #1 and the last number in a set are not winning, it was "always" something between them :-) So, these marginal numbers are losers... (at least for me). The winning numbers were usually in the decimal clusters not too far but not too close to the middle of overall range. The eye-catching numbers (like #77) are not usually winning in comparison to the rest of numbers... etc.
I did not entered this lottery twice! What I wanted to say is: I opened the lottery when there was only the first entrant, and decided not to be #2 but wait for the cluster 70s. The number 2 was too close to the #1 (see above my prepositions) - #2 was not good for me.
I know my system was more intuitive and strongly pseudo-scientific. But I enjoyed the creation of this system, and wrote here about it as a reaction on the comment about the passivity of random winners. I also know/feel such systems usually "work" only once. C'est la vie.
By the way, do you know that calls their system as a pseudo-random number generator?

Matt said...

Sorry missed that Aaron, thanks for lookin out for me! ; )

Goodluck to you too!

Cuso said...

mirek, I think winning that MSOP loosened a few screws up there. NO offense but your "system" is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. :) Enjoy the sweet tool and please seek professional help... LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure the casinos and gambling houses would welcome any legal system to their establishment (except card counters). They still have the glitter and bling. It's interesting reading (sort of) but if that is what you like--go gitt'em. However, in the real world--it ain't happenin'. Randomizers are so named because it is, as the name implies--random.

Anonymous said...

damn it's quiet here... I guess we are all waiting impatiently for the next lottery or release?

Peter, what is going to be next?