Monday, July 08, 2024

Titanium MikroStiks

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a lovely 4th of July week! It was nice here, rather warm of course, and we had some storms come through. One lightning bolt hit a tree across the street while we were at the window. No damage, but that was wild to see it so close and very fitting considering the holiday.

Several projects that have been simmering for a while are about to come to a boil. Later this week I will have some brand new timascus beads for you, and they are gorgeous! Coming in a week or two will be timascus Hangman v1.5 hooks as well. I am about to revisit an older design, the E115 tool, and those are going to be cut in both zirconium and titanium. Also, the Atwrench will be making a comeback, but in titanium this time. I have more Count Sporkulas coming, about to be cut this week...that batch of steel Stubby MiniBars is finally done and ready to send to heat treat today. And, I finally started grinding the 3v steel Prybabies which will be coming later this summer. So, tons of stuff on the way in the coming weeks and months, so please stay tuned!

Today I have a small batch of titanium MikroStiks for you. These are the same as the last group from the winter and feature some beautiful contrast anodizing and a wide variety of stamps. Excellent for rope and knot work, and a handy little item for cleaning, light prying and scraping tasks. There is one without stamps and has no anodizing if anyone wants to email me for it.    

Ti MikroStiks will run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for swinging by today and have a great week!

All gone, thank you so much!


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