Friday, November 10, 2023

More Mugs!

Hi Everyone, and Happy Friday! Also Happy Veteran's Day tomorrow for all those who have served. :)

It's chilly and raw out there this morning, having rained a bit yesterday. It's cloudy and gloomy at the moment but the sun is supposed to make an appearance later this afternoon. I still have a few leaves to blow and a few more outdoor tasks to complete before the winter months and later today will probably be a good time to tackle them.

I just got the steel Mini Superbugs back from heat treat, so am in the middle of doing the final finishes on those over the next few days. Tiny Tims are almost ready to send out and I will try to get them going out to HT next week. Not too much else to report today, but things are moving along well.

Today I have a few more mugs for you. I've gotten such nice letters and comments about the ceramic projects, and I really appreciate it! I'm glad people are enjoying their mugs and I hope to keep them coming, as well as some other ceramic items. ;)

First up today is a super cool mug with movie monster theme...Count Dracula on the front, a castle stamp in the middle and Frankenstein on the other side. The Mummy is stamped inside and it has that cool pebbly texture on the bottom with a band of stars around the top. About 11 oz capacity. This one will run $65 plus shipping.

Sold, thank you so much!

Mug #2 has a dino theme with T Rex, palm tree and pterodactyl stamps, woolly mammoth stamp inside with wave line texture on the bottom and classic rope style banding. Also 11 oz capacity and it will run $65 plus shipping.
Sold out, thank you again!

Mug #3 continues with the nature tails and a lovely dragonfly decorative band with dragonfly texture on the bottom. Has several mosquitoes as well and a cute little frog stamp inside. 11 oz capacity and this one also will run $65 plus shipping.
Sold, thanks so much!


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