Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Ukraine Relief Sale

Hi Everyone,

Quick update: I've been very busy lately trying to move some projects along. Steel MikroStiks and Steel Mini Wedgies just went to heat treat so will be coming back in a couple of weeks. New Ti Wrunts and Zr Atwrenches are in the works. Steel and Zr Stubby MiniBars are being milled right now. I have a few other designs that I am mulling as well, and I just had some super cool new custom stamps made too. Lots coming up so please stay tuned.

But, like everyone else I've been watching with horror as the tragedy unfolds in the Ukraine. It is all so needless, so senseless and so cruel in these pandemic times. As if the world needs anything else on top of all the other countless disasters...I am furious.

So today I have decided to donate to several carefully chosen and highly rated humanitarian organizations who will hopefully spend the money on useful programs rather than just executive salaries. The proceeds of today's sale will go to them and hopefully help Ukraine in some small way. In the meantime, let us hope the heartless KGB man with microscopic member meets his maker soon and in the most unpleasant circumstances.

Today I have a couple dozen older Titanium Tiny Tims. These have been anodized with a variety of colors, with many blue and gold ones for Ukraine. I would have made them all blue and gold but I did these up a few weeks ago before this whole situation blew up. Anyway, the Tiny Tims will run $50 plus shipping. Thank you for stopping in today and stay with it everyone!

Gone in a flash, thank you everyone!



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