Monday, September 26, 2022

G10 Lanslide Beads!

Hi Everyone,

Well, my Jury Duty got cancelled, so I'm back into production mode earlier than I expected. The weather is supposed to be lovely this week so I will no doubt try to take some time to catch up on outdoor stuff and run some errands while we still have some nice sunshine and can wear short sleeves.

Today I have the first wave of translucent olive/jade G10 beads done! These are 6 Flute Mega size and came out really nice, just like the Micarta ones. They are a great match for some of my favorite knives such as the semi custom Spyderco and Benchmade folders shown below from This is becoming a common handle scale material and a lot of great manufacturers are using it lately including Three Rivers knives and many custom makers.

G10 beads will run $30 each and the link is below. Hope your week is going great and thank you for dropping by, as always.

All gone for today. Thank you so much!


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