Saturday, November 05, 2016

Wedgie Plus SUSale

Hi Folks,

It's a cool and gloomy November day here and the leaves are continuing to fall. I will be out raking later this weekend for sure, putting away hoses and doing lots of those end of year chores to prepare for the frozen months ahead.

Well today I have a little treat for you. These were some outtakes that I made a while back at the same time as the regular 3v Wedgie batch. I've been holding on to them for quite some time but I figured this would be a good week to put them up on a little Sign Up Sale. The Wedgie Plus has the regular features of the original 3v Wedgies but with the addition of a cap lifter, 5/16 wrench and pry tip on the rear end of the tool. Same basic design idea on the back end as the Wiener Dogs and Hatchlings. A small lanyard hole is also there so the tool could be carried either way on a key ring. Kind of a fun design and I might make more at some point, if I ever revisit the Wedgies.

Sign Up Sale Rules, Please Read

Anyhow, there are only 9 of these little gems. They will run $90 plus shipping. I will run the sign up period for a relatively short time to limit the number of entries. Sign up will end at 11:15 AM eastern time. The winning numbers will be drawn shortly afterwards and announced in a new posting. Thanks for dropping by today and have a great weekend everyone. :)

Remember, only ONE ENTRY per person please! Duplicates entries will be discarded.

Sign up is over, winner list will be posted shortly. Thank you everyone!

List of People Entered


John said...

Hah! Those are cool!

elphant888 said...

I've always liked the SUS's, sad I missed out on this one

Zag96 said...

You know your Atwood mojo is slipping when you even miss then SUS by a few minutes... these look rad though, congrats to the winners!