Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Brass Multi Grips: Straight Knurl

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and pleasant weekend.

Well, I've been scrambling to get some steel projects going all this past week. I have those 12Point tools well underway finally and also a slick new Mini Prybaby that I think you all will be quite surprised to see. I hope those two projects will be completed by mid December in time for Christmas. Maybe I can sneak some steel Mini Triangles through heat treat too...I gotta get off my butt and keep grinding if I have a chance to get all this stuff done!

Also underway are several other projects including various beads, a super tiny cap lifter tool, a very unusual new tool bead project (you heard right, I said tool bead!), and a little something new called the TightWad. In addition, I have an updated metric version of the old Crawdaddy design also underway. And there is a new K4 Keyton design in two different materials on the way as well. We'll see how much of all this I can finish before the end of the year but at least it bodes well for many sales going into the winter.

Today I have some brass Multi Grip beads with straight knurl. They look really sweet on multi colored camo cord. It's a smallish batch but I will make it 3 per customer on them and they run the usual $30 plus shipping for metal beads. Thanks for stopping by today folks and have a great week!

Brass beads are gone for now, a few rifle knurls to come shortly. Thanks everyone!


Ben Brenzel said...

I hope copper Multi Grips are coming!

Richard said...

Sounds like some exciting stuff in the works. Can't wait!

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks so much everybody!

Copper Multi Grips are definitely on my list for 2017. ;)

Andy Batfish said...

A metric Crawdady! Can't wait!