Monday, October 31, 2016

Ghostly Grips

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are preparing for lots of trick or treaters tonight! We're heading into a week of mild temps here which will be most welcome after the early surprise snow storm last week. Maybe I can get in a little more outdoor photography and finish up some more yard work before the weather starts turning bitter.

I'm slowly picking away at stuff but I've been feeling kind of low energy lately. Hopefully I can get back into a work mindset over the next week or so and really get things cranking again. This is one of the great challenges of working for yourself in that if you don't have someone setting your schedule every week it can be tough to keep yourself on track.

Well, today I have another round of Delrin multi grip beads done, this time in white. These have a more "ghostly" feel to them if you will, so seem like a good choice for Halloween. This is the last round of Delrin beads before I move on to other materials and designs.

The white Delrin Multi Grips will run $25 plus shipping and it's a sizable batch so I will open it up and not limit the quantities. Thank you as always for stopping by, I greatly appreciate it!

All gone for now, thanks so much!




Unknown said...

These would be so cool in a glow in the dark material...

Ben Brenzel said...

I had the same thought as Adam, I actually thought they were until I read the post.