Friday, February 24, 2023

SportWrench #4 with Anodizing!

Happy Friday!

Hope you all are winding down your week and looking forward to a nice weekend. We have a couple of inches of fresh snow and woke up with the tik tik sound of sleet hitting the windows this morning. It will be going to single digits overnight this weekend too, so cold... And it looks like now they are calling for another 8 inches or so on Monday night. So winter will definitely continue for the next few weeks, right on schedule. 

Today I have something older for you. These SportWrench #4s came out a few years ago and I still had a small box of them that I had forgotten about. They are made of a special heavily textured Krinkle titanium that was only around for a limited time. Anyway, this cool little tool can be worn on the wrist, and is roughly the same size as a large 40-44mm men's watch, but it wears very easily on any size wrist. The included high quality Zulu straps are 22mm. You could use any 22mm NATO style one piece strap on it, so this is a tool with a lot of play value if you are into watches at all and like to swap straps for a different look.

All the previous SportWrench batches were left plain so I have opted to anodize this whole group with contrast anodizing. If you are into brilliant colors you will really enjoy these! I did not use any stamps because there is very little open real estate on this tool, and the gnarly texture doesn't allow for very good stamping.

Anodized SportWrench #4s will run $85 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for swinging by today and I do hope your week is going well!

All gone, thank you so much folks, and stay warm this weekend!


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