Monday, December 14, 2020

Antique Bronze QuickDraws!

Hi Everyone,

Well, the full weight of winter is about to come upon us, and we are due for about 6-10 inches of snow later this week. I expect we will be having a white Christmas here in the northeast... 

The mail continues to run slow due to the crazy number of packages being mailed this year. I read over the weekend that they are expecting some 800 million more than usual, and the total number is something like 3 billion. So, you should absolutely expect things to be very slow indeed. I myself am waiting on a package that arrived in my local in state sorting center last weekend, and it looks like it finally might show up this week. The tracking system is all messed up too, so rest assured everything I have mailed out so far this month has gone out whether the system says so or not. In fact, nearly all packages I sent this month went out on the very same day as the sales.

Well today I have something really cool for you....Bronze QuickDraws! These are 1/8 thick, a bit thicker than the first titanium run, so that they would be stiff enough not to bend. These little tools feature a hand applied distressed antique finish, so expect to see all sorts of character marks, micro dings, hammer marks, tiny scratches and varied colorations. They have a Starter Patina which is nice, but you can make them yours in any way that you want. Carry them, let them get more scratches, let them age and get darker then hit them with Brasso or worn out green scotchbrite cloth to bring back a shine. Rinse and repeat and then start the aging process all over again. Bronze is very forgiving and will reward you with interesting personal patinas for years to come.

One other reason I wanted to go with thick bronze on these is because bronze is a softer material and so I could finally have a chance to showcase some of my larger stamps. People may not really understand what these stamps are all about btw...I have an enormous and valuable collection of hand forged, hand filed and hand engraved steel stamps made in England in the middle to late 1800's. Many have either rarely or never been seen until now, and others are your familiar old favorites that I have been using for years. I also have a couple hundred modern stamps, some of which are quite large and don't get used very much, and others are wonderful for the detail and subject matter that they offer such as the incredible bass and trout stamps.

Steel and titanium are relatively hard materials and it is often difficult to create a good stamped impression on them, so I simply have not been able to use some of these amazing images before, particularly if they are the larger ones...anyhow, it tickles me to use a mix of modern and 150 year old images in the making of brand new tools. Each stamp becomes a story telling time machine that ties my contemporary products into the centuries' old tradition of tool making in a unique and permanent way.

Bronze QuickDraws will run $60 each plus shipping and the link is below. I'll make it a two per customer limit on them please, so lots of folks can get a chance at them. And, I know stamps don't thrill everyone, so I do have a handful of plain ones available upon request... Please be super careful out there my friends! Working together we will get through these tough months ahead.

Sold out, thank you so much everyone!




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