Wednesday, October 05, 2016

More Zr Multi Grips: Straight Knurl

Hi Everyone,

It's a bit cloudy to start the week here, but we still have very mild temperatures. Some of the leaves  are finally starting to turn after a very slow start to autumn. I was out doing errands this morning and I saw a few pockets of color in my travels. Things are a week or two late this year though, probably because of the warmer weather and drought conditions. I'm definitely taking a day or two later this week and next week to do some leaf peeping out in the hill towns because the color won't be here for very long.

Well, I'm making slow progress on the tool projects but things are certainly moving. I will have Mini T-Bones done in a day or two.

Today I have a tiny batch of Zirconium Multi Grip beads ready, this time with a straight knurl. Because it's a smaller batch I will limit the quantity to two per customer on these...brass beads with straight knurl will be coming soon as well as a 316 stainless steel version with rifle knurl.

Zr Multi Grips with straight knurl will run $50 each plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. As always, have a GREAT week folks and thank you for stopping by!

Gone for now, thank you everyone!


kangjin said...

are all the zirconium multi grips gone? no more future batches?

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks so much folks! :)

There are a few Zr beads left of both kinds if anyone wants to email me.