Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fancy Wheelman Sign Up Sale

Hi Everyone,

Well, the heat and humidity has finally found us this week. That's OK though, I'd still take this weather any day over the freezing cold of winter. But it's a good week to stay down in the cool basement shop and get some projects moving.

Today I have a few fancy Wheelmen available. It has been a while since I have done up any tools with the old style patterning and I'd like to get back to doing a bit more of it. My patterning equipment has been out of commission for some time and although it is not 100% back in business I'm slowly getting there. I still have a bunch of stuff to rebuild and am always on the lookout for new finishing methods too...patterns below include Coral Reef, Reverse Coral Reef, Jungle Stripes and Bubbles. 

Since there are only 14 of these tools we will do this as a Sign Up Sale. Please remember that it's a strict one entry per person limit and any duplicates will be discarded. Winning entrants can choose which tool they want or leave it up to me. They are all nice though so I think everyone will be happy. :)

The Fancy Wheelmen will run $85 plus shipping and the link to sign up is below. The Sign Up period will run until 12 Noon Eastern time. After that I will shut down the sign up, draw the winners by random number and send out emails to them shortly afterwards. Please make sure your email is valid or I will have no way to contact you. And please do check your email as well as the winner list so you don't miss the purchase link. 

The Sign Up period is over, thanks so much to everyone who participated! I will post the list of winners shortly.

List of Entrants

Sign Up Sale Rules


trevitrace said...

Pretty sure I've got a sporkula with one of those patterns on it. :)

These look great, Peter, thanks for the opportunity.

Unknown said...

Thank you Peter for a SUS. Know its been awhile since you did one, but it makes for a great chance for anyone to win who enters.

Unknown said...

Got to wonder how many of the 190+ entries are Duplicates or bots..

Peter Atwood said...

Well John, no duplicates so far and the real names on my master list map down for the most part to regular customers. ;)

Unknown said...

Peter you haven't got rusty at fancy ano. Wow these rock.

David E. Patrick said...

Thanks for the SUS!

David E. Patrick said...

Ever think of doing this as a raffle? Say $5 a pop to enter? Might cut down on the duplicates (or not, but so what, as long as they pay?)

John said...

These are wicked crazy! Nice :-)

wellthisiskj said...

Just wanted to say that I accidentally entered twice - not on purpose! Please don't disqualify me from the sale. My entry numbers are 447 and 449 (my entry page refreshed and resubmitted).

So glad you decided to do this!