Friday, July 24, 2015

Reminders and Info

Hi Folks,

Just a friendly reminder that I have all sorts of goodies coming up over the next several weeks. Working frantically on them right now...probably no sale today however as it is a family holiday.

With that in mind, please help me out and ensure you get your stuff in a timely manner by making sure that your Paypal addresses are up to date. I had to chase a few folks down recently for bad zip codes, old addresses, etc...

Also, lately Paypal has been having a bit of trouble. On the last two big sales I had orders suddenly appear two days afterwards. These were orders that were made during the time the sale was open but for some reason were lost in the system. Even though I reloaded the Paypal Payments Received list many times while making mailing labels and again a day later these orders never showed up. Finally, a week or two later I got emails from folks saying they never got their item, so I went back and sure enough, NOW those orders are there in the list. It's a bit frustrating to get through the whole sale and get everything packaged up only to find out that some orders got missed because of weird internal issues at Paypal. Luckily I had a few extra tools and was able to fulfill the lost orders.

So, with that in mind, be aware that after a sale is over I will be making mailing labels and doing up the packages. Usually I am done in anywhere from 4-8 hours. When I create the label you will receive an email from Paypal with tracking. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24-48 hours (give them time just in case the system is backed up) please drop me a note and make sure that I got the order.

I'll be going easy for the next sale or two with a couple of small volume SUSales just to make sure paypal has their act together. ;)

Thanks again everyone and hope you all have a great weekend!



Unknown said...

One thing I noticed is if you initiate the transaction, but don't complete it immediately, You may be able to finish it after the sale is closed. Or people keeping the pages open, then going back later and processing an order. I.e they need to time out the pages/orders.

Alex said...

As a heads up, PayPal can remember old shipping addresses used through merchant sites (such as this blog), and these are NOT visible under your PayPal account settings.
Be sure to double check your address when checking out, or contact PayPal to remove old addresses stored this way.

Don't be like me :P

Unknown said...

Because of you I may be some small about of trouble at work, something about knocking down an old woman, when my alert went off for your update. My smartwatch being to small to read the update, I was forced to return to my desk at a pace best described as "Usain Bolt on meth".

Unknown said...

Not sure if this will be a duplicate...can someone help me set up alerts?

Unknown said...

Hope it all gets fixed for you.
Looking forward to a couple of SUS. Always a nice way to give others a chance to own one of your pieces who has not been able to. I always feel very fortunate to hit that link after wearing out my F5 button :-)