Tuesday, March 09, 2010

And the Winners Are:

Thanks for the big turnout, it's much appreciated. Here are the 16 randomly picked numbers and I will send emails out right now. Thanks again!

15 emmadog08
43 wicker122
87 andydoc
118 StinkBug
167 BoneDaddy
179 Tladams
181 krazz
184 Gadget GUy
200 york2
216 marvin pence
246 lcd
277 netgear68
294 Sublime43
313 Cascabel
319 spyglass


Jerry Chacon said...

Congrats to the winners! And, don't use the wrench without the sheath!

Pneumothorax said...

Dang, missed again! If you do use the wrench without the sheath, make sure you're turning the right way ;^).

Adrian said...

Good thing I'm lucky in love, because I ain't with Atwood lotteries. :-)
Thanks for the chance Peter!

Fun is life. said...

I WON! I'm really jazzed... my first SUS win... and a fixer to boot. I have to say that I'm very impressed with your work. To find true craftmanship these days is almost impossible, but you achieve it with every piece you turn out. Thanks.

Indy Fab fan said...

any ghosts lurking now that it is dark? ;-D

Peter Atwood said...

Boo! :p

Ghost are going to heat treat tomorrow so about one week or so.

Indy Fab fan said...

ghosts in heat treat . . . hope they don't vaporize . . .

happy for all the folks who scored fixers.

Snake Man Bone said...

I heard through the grape vine you might not be making MSOP any more. so i thought I would address the Topic. Why would you stop producing the coolest tool in the world? You are always coming up with great tools and maybe you have a new knife in mind, but are you really never going to make MSOP again for sale to public??
Just curious, I love your work and I will always support you.
thank you,