Sunday, March 07, 2010

And the Winners Are:

Thanks for signing up everyone, a fantastic turnout as usual!

The winning numbers are:

5 supertuscan
10 I'm a Fixer Upper
88 thatcoder
93 knifenut
95 ideadoc
115 Bosley
139 oldskoolboarder
167 RNST
170 Craiconn
175 WildThing
197 Scudod
198 dale
201 billydreamer
205 Schwartzop
232 Stelgard
265 slothuf
274 Hybernaut

I will send out emails to the winners right now. Thanks again folks!


oldskoolboarder said...

OH YEAH! I saw my name! Suhweet.

Jerry Chacon said...

Big Congats to the lucky winners.

dean said...

Any more fixers in the future Pete?

Unknown said...

I got one! whoo-hooo! The fates were kind to me today.

Pneumothorax said...

Bummer, missed the Atwood blade. Peter, any more blades this year? Full run or sign up sale? Just curious.

Peter Atwood said...

There are more edged tools coming this year but they will be via sign up sales. I do have one small batch that I hope to do as a general release though but it's definitely a ways off.

The Maddox Family said...

ha, I check this site multiple times daily, and miss one day at work and of edge :(

Wildcard880 said...

missed out on this one

Unknown said...

Peter, I just got mine. It's beautiful. It's big enough for all those small jobs you keep a knife in your pocket for, but small enough to keep in your pocket, or to keep it from looking like a weapon :o (which we do not want.)

The two round-outs (I made that up, not sure what you call them) on the finger side, as well as the notches on the heal side make it very secure while cutting. And the wrenches and sheath are great! Thanks so much!