Friday, March 29, 2024

Timascus Mini Poltergeists

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! It's a bit raw and gloomy here this morning. The sun is supposed to make an appearance later this morning, and it should be a cool but lovely early spring weekend ahead. 

I've been chugging along and slowly working on various projects. Not too much to report, but I did make some headway on a new technique which will allow me to stamp thinner items much more easily, so that is very good. You can expect the next waves of TightWads and perhaps some new Count Sporkulas to have stamps. I also need to get going on grinding some steel now that it is not quite so freezing cold in the shop.

Today I have a tiny batch of fancy torch colored Timascus Mini Poltergeists for you! These are just the first dozen pieces, and the bulk of the batch will be coming in a couple of weeks. They are all right handed ones today, but I will have some more lefties coming up in the regular batch sale as well.

Timascus Mini Poltergeists will run $99 plus shipping and the link is below. Have a great weekend and I hope warmer weather is on the way for you as well.

Gone in a flash! Thank you so much. :) 



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