Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Hexy TightWads

Hi Everyone, and Happy Tuesday!

It's a cool and crisp one here today and supposed to only be in the 40's. Looks like maybe an inch of snow later this week, so winter isn't done with us just yet, but it's getting darned close.

Going through some half forgotten older projects the other day I came across these early TightWads. These were made of hexagonal textured stainless steel, very similar material as the Tableman coasters I made a while back. So they are a bit heavy, but very cool nonetheless. I only have 10 of them and no more will be made of this particular material, but I do have a couple of other oddball titanium ones from this era if anyone cares to email me... And there are two more batches of unfinished TightWads in brand new designs that I have been putting off finishing for a long time.

Hexy TightWads will run $85 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for swinging by and have a great day!

Sold out, thank you!

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