Monday, September 18, 2023

Plain Titanium Prybabies

Hi Folks,

Well it was a glorious weekend here in New England. I participated in a rare wood fired kiln session yesterday and that was quite an interesting experience. Salt and baking soda are sprayed into the kiln at the end which create a glaze on the pots and subtle color flashing effects that are highly coveted by traditional pottery enthusiasts. It's hot and grueling work, certainly a labor of love for those who wish to preserve the old ways. I only had a couple of my most crude test pots in the kiln as I have no idea how they will turn out, but other people had beautiful items in there so will be fun to see how it all finished up. The kiln will cool down enough by Wednesday to open it and I will try to get over there for the opening...meanwhile, today it's pouring rain yet again.

Today I have a small batch of plain titanium Prybabies for you. This newest version is about the same size as the originals, so a full sized tool, just a tad over 3 inches long, my traditional 5/32 thickness, V notch and rear pry tip. I opted for my favorite crenelated thumb rest area and added a 1/4 hex for the lanyard opening. This is a plain ground batch with basic grinds on the front end, and no anodizing or stamping. I am working on stamps for the next group of these as well as various A51 style extra grinds, and will be anodizing them. There are a few lefties today and in the next group too if anyone wants to email me.

Plain Ti Prybabies will run $70 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping by and hope your week is going to be awesome!

Gone in a flash, thank you guys! Fancy ones coming later this week!


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