Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Area 51 Prybabies!

Hi Everyone,

Finally we're getting another stretch of sunshine after several more dreary days of rain. Such a weird year...there is almost no color anywhere on the trees yet, and they are saying that because it's been so wet and warm that we are likely to have kind of a drab fall this year.

Projects are rolling right along. I prepped out a bunch of Zircuti MikroSpikes last week and will be starting to finish them in the next few days. The mug project continues at what seems like breakneck speed, and I should start having the first few being glaze fired in a week or two. There will likely be a slow and steady drip of mugs for the next few months as I try to make a couple more every day in my spare time...Steel Atomic Wedgies are on deck for milling, so those will be coming somewhere around late October or November. The steel Mini Superbugs are now milled and are next up on the bench for grinding. Steel Tiny Tims with pry tips are also done with milling, and they will follow the Superbugs.

Today I have some more ti Prybabies. I noticed that this particular batch of titanium was a little harder to grind than usual, also a little harder to stamp, and the color response is a bit more muted than I would like. So this may be a remnant batch of 6AL4V or something, I'm really not sure. Because of the decorating difficulties I elected to skip the stamps and coloring on this go round and just did Area 51 style and other mixed extra grinds. I still have a few dozen blank ones remaining though so I may do some stamping on a smaller final batch if I have time....also, there are some lefties here too if anyone wants to request them!

A51 Ti Prybabies will run $75 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for popping in today, I always appreciate it, and hope your first days of fall are terrific!   

All gone for now, thank you so much folks!


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