Monday, November 25, 2019

Steel Atwrenches

Hi Everyone,

Well the holidays are almost here.We had a little snow yesterday morning which is already gone, but it was a chilly reminder of what is on the way. Hopefully the next storms hold off for the Thanksgiving week though as so many people will be traveling.

I've been finishing up a variety of projects over the past few weeks so will be cranking up the sales for this next period of time. Coming up are steel Wrants, ti Wring Tools, black delrin beads, ti beads, custom kitchen clips, and several more tool projects including Twisted Tims, which you will not want to miss. I also have a few odds and ends from this past year including more ti MultiMag magnets. New TightWads have just been cut but I am not yet sure if they will be done for this year. More MikroStiks are also in the works.

So today I have the first wave of CPM 154 steel Atwrenches done. I first made these tools several years ago and have always wanted to revisit the design. This is the best version so far I think. I refined the grip, added the Tiki Grind style grip to the thumb area and made them in my classic 5/32 thickness so they have plenty of heft and strength without being too heavy. This batch was divided up into a couple of groups and this first bunch is surface ground with a wide variety of stamps...

The Steel Atwrenches will run $70 plus shipping, they are one per customer in this medium sized batch, and the paypal button is below. No worries if you miss out today as there are still more Atwrenches to come this week. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Gone for today, thank you so much folks!


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