Thursday, January 24, 2019

Vintage Steel Magnums

Hi Everyone,

Happy rainy Thursday from New England! It's a wet and gray day out there today, but at least the rain is warm and is clearing away the roads from the remains of the big snow and bitter temperatures that we had last weekend. It will turn colder again tonight which will make a thick crust on the snow that is left. That's good for the plants and the small creatures to help insulate them for the rest of the winter.

Things are moving along very well here. The details of my kitchen related project are finally all worked out and are starting production today. I will have much more info on that one by next week. Still working on the next Count Sporkula batch, the cute little Count Forkulas, and I expect to get them done within the next week or two. 5 Flute PermaCorks are now done and will be next up... And I'm nearly done with anodizing on the first batch of guitar picks...time to switch from production mode and start doing some sales, which is always a tricky balance since usually nothing else gets done if I'm doing a sale day.

Today I have a small batch of 303 Stainless Steel 5 Flute Magnum beads done. These have the 5 Atwood stamps, but as an experiment, I heated these one by one with a torch which blackened them. Then I gave them a series of tumbles to remove some of the color from the edges and give them an aged appearance. Finally, I gave them a hand rubbed oil finish. Very cool results.

The Vintage 303 Magnums will run $40 each plus shipping and it's a two per customer limit please as this is a fairly small batch.  Thanks for dropping by and hope your week has been going great!

Sold out, thank you!

**Sorry for the terrible pic, the light is just dreadful this morning!


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