Monday, January 28, 2019

Air Guitar Art Picks!

Happy Monday Everyone!

It's going to be super cold here this week. We're supposed to be getting a few days of below zero temperatures overnight so a few quite unpleasant days are ahead, after which temps will be more moderate. I'm already looking forward to spring, which isn't really all that far away.

I spent the weekend working on projects in the shop. I'm close to finished with several of them so will be trying to do more sales later this week.

Today I have the first wave of titanium guitar Art Picks done. Although still a beginning player, I couldn't resist having a go at designing some picks. After doing much research and trying many different examples of the currently available commercial designs, I came up with some ideas of my own. Those first picks were well received, and now I have three new designs that I think are even better. Even if you aren't a guitarist and are just a music fan, these would be nice worn as jewelry on a bead chain. Or you could treat them as an incentive, a promise to yourself, to some day start learning to play. They say that as we age that we should learn a new language or an instrument, and I don't know about you guys, but I would rather learn to play rock and roll than a foreign language!

The first batch of Art Picks is the "Air Guitar" and it features three generous openings to aid in grip. In addition to grip, the openings also allow for easy attachment to a clip or keys so you can keep these safe and ready for action...The picks are ever so slightly oversized and are made of thin .040 titanium, so roughly equivalent to the 1mm thickness commonly seen in standard heavy weight guitar picks. They have been tumbled for days so have a buttery smooth finish and rounded edges. Some have wild and unusual patinas from multiple anodizing sessions.

I used an older name stamp to create a very deep permanent mark but I should note that on items this thin, the name stamp does telegraph through to the back side, so expect to see a corresponding mark on the back side of the pick...there are no decorative stamps on these, just the name stamp, because hand stamping something this thin is very difficult and most of my decorative stamps simply don't work well for thinner material.

I have anodized these in a wide range of solid colors and color combinations. If you can't stand bright colors no worries, just drop me an email as I have kept a few back from each batch that are without anodizing for the vanilla lovers.

Art Picks will run $35 plus shipping and these are medium sized batches so I will make it a limit of 3 on them please. The next two batches will be coming along later this week, the Ventilator and Fizzy Guitar models...Have a great week and do stay bundled up!

Sold out in a Jumpin Jack Flash, thank you so much! :)


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