Friday, December 07, 2018

Stamped Hangman Hooks

Hi Folks,

Happy Friday! I'm glad to see the weekend arriving after a long and busy week. It's seasonably cool here right now and not a hint of snow on the ground at the moment. I'm sure that will be changing soon though.

I made so much progress this week. The aluminum PermaCorks just went out to get their anodizing so those should be back in a week or so. There are some with the same rifle knurl design as the earlier stainless ones, and also some that are a new variation and those are quite cool I think.

In other news, a cute little pry bar tool in steel is well underway and will be getting milling very soon. They might be done before Christmas if I am lucky, but I'm still not sure. Maybe I can get the ti ones finished sooner. Other items are further along though and I'm hoping to get the first of those Count Sporkulas finished for next week. I have a variety of beads going and I just need to cut some cord and get down to tying this weekend during the football games. A new Mini Prybaby design has been cut and those are being surface ground this week but they will probably be ready mid January. Will be February for the second batch which is metric and about to be cut next week. There are several other balls in the air as well, so a lot of cool releases lie ahead.

Today I have the Stamped Steel Hangmen done! They are the same shape basically as the last release, but these have a smooth surface ground finish. The thickness is .160 so they are strong and beefy but not overly heavy. Designed to hang on the edge of your pocket and dangle the keys INSIDE to keep them from bunching up and from scratching up other items in your pockets. I find that I can't stand carrying my keys any other way now after years of using these various dangler hook designs!

Anyhow, I have stamped these with a wide variety of my decorative stamps. Almost all are multi stamped and there is a huge variety of them, Some are Mono Stamped with multiple stamps of the same image, but some have combinations of different stamps. I would say no two are alike but I probably did repeat some patterns. There is a tremendous variety here though...and yes there are  a few lefties, but none with extra grinds or any other shape variations.

In addition to this, I also have milled a small marker slot on the top edge that would hang over your pocket. The slot is 6mm long so it will accept 5mm tritium marker tubes if you wish to find some and glue them in with clear epoxy. Or you can fill the slot with a mix of epoxy and Superluminova glow powder, available from ReadySetGlo or other sources. Easy to do and a fun DIY project to personalize your hook.

Don't ask me where to get tritium tubes as I do not know. I know they are common in the EDC community and can be readily obtained from overseas. Here in the US they are regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and officially would require a license to sell, so I'm not interested in doing that. But they are kind of like blue dots in your tail lights, one of those gray areas, so if you want to mess with them you are on your own. ;)

Stamped Hangman hooks run $50 plus shipping and the batch is large so no limit on them. Thanks for dropping in as always and may your weekend be a great one!

All gone for now, thank you!


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