Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Postal Rate Increases 2018

Surprise surprise, the US Post Office raised it's rates this week with nary a word of warning...Grrrrr. 

US Priority Mail will now be $6.55 for a flat rate envelope and $7.05 for small flat rate box.

Internationally, First Class Package is the only allowable option to send merchandise in a cost effective way. Paypal software now rejects anything besides documents for regular First Class Mail which is how I have been shipping for the past year.

New Rates:
Canada First Class Mail Package $10
International First Class Mail Package $14

I don't even know what Priority Mail International will run but I suspect they tacked on a lot of money. It's at least $30 to Asia and probably a lot more elsewhere.

My ancient shopping cart software is primitive and I'm not about to ask Jenny to change it right now... I am making multiple item orders flat rate by adding only $.01 to additional items so hopefully that helps.

Anyhow, that's the story. I'm doing the best I can, thanks everyone! 


Unknown said...

Hi Peter,

Is that possible to use First Class Mail for U.S. shipping too. Thanks

Robert Mc said...

Anyone who doesn't want their Ti Mini's from this morning because of the Postal Increase can just pass that right along to me! I won't charge anything for assuming the obligation. I'll suffer the increased postage to score one that I missed.

Peter Atwood said...

It's possible Brett. However, it would mean I would have to change my packaging and make extra steps for me creating mailing labels. I'm debating it.

Peter Atwood said...

There are still plenty of plain ones here and I will be anodizing some of them. So just email me and I'm happy to hook you up.

SparkleSquash said...

I just want a zirconium item from you. but am always too late. is that about shipping?