Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Anodized Ti Mini 5 Flutes

Hi Everyone!

Winter continues here in the northeast but at least we're catching a break this week with some more moderate and normal temperatures finally. My driveway is actually ice free this morning for the first time in a week and we are looking forward to a bit more thawing in the days ahead.

Not much to report on projects at the moment. I have been busy working on beads these past few days and can only do one thing at a time...

Today I have a sizable batch of titanium Mini 5 Flute beads done. These are anodized in a wide variety of solid and also multi colors.

I did release these same beads already in plain finish several months ago and so this batch is the newly finished anodized ones. I know some folks prefer them without coloring and so I left a portion of the batch plain. If you need plain ones just drop me an email and I will do my best to hook you up.

As I said, it's a good sized batch and there is no number limit on them. They will run the usual $30 plus flat rate shipping. Thanks for stopping by today and hope your week is going great!

Sold out for today, thanks again folks!


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Unknown said...

First time being able to score one directly from you!!! So happy about this!