Monday, August 08, 2016

Bermuda Minis

Hi Everyone,

I do love summertime, even if my favorite baseball team can't seem to get it together this year. At least the Olympics have been fun to watch. Sports make an excellent pastime while I package up tools.

Today I have a few of the krinkle textured titanium Bermuda Mini Triangles done. These are perhaps the smallest tools I have ever made, or close to it anyway. They are roughly the size of a half dollar, except they are three sided instead of round! They feature a simple pry tip/screwdriver, a 1/4 hex opening and a triangular lanyard opening. A 1/4" round center hole is there for additional grip.

I ground them different ways but there are no lefthanded and righthanded ones, they simply differ in the grind directions. These are very cute little tools and can clipped onto a keyring or used as a zipper pull with the included small S clip. They also make a cool pendant tool.

The Bermuda Minis run $45 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. The anodized ones are a small batch, plain ones are still tumbling and will follow in a day or two. These vary widely in color and I'll send whatever I send but they are all gorgeous! One per customer on them please, thank you! Thanks for the visit folks, hope your week is a good one and you're staying cool!

Sold Out for today, thank you so much everyone!



Unknown said...

Wow , sold out with in 5 seconds of my Alert going off

Unknown said...

Terrific!! Very cool.