Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And the Drum Roll Please...

Wow, remarkable turnout, thank you so much for all the interest everyone!

OK, here is the list of winning entries. Please check your email shortly for the purchase link and be sure to check your spam filter if you see your name here and do not get an email:

41 kylekthompson
44 MGlista21
52 TyFlyer21
84 hrbrt
101 AndrewWarm
110 Fuzillade
148 Joe Chang
178 Zirc bandit 
191 Feel the Bern
209 bburns09
256 Eskerbillion 
264 Brock
324 JohnnieBlade
342 Fnjimmy
346 Ted Reyes
364 roberthrose
368 Sandy
387 rhart00
407 aggie
413 GiveMeZircOrGiveMeDeath
509 jonnyfishstix
519 Dave Sloman
564 Trick carey
479 Murpharoo 

Thanks again folks! :)


Unknown said...

Dammit, and it's even my birthday. Thought for sure I'd win.

Unknown said...

You are off my Christmas List Peter.

Unknown said...

So close.. I was #42! Darn!

John said...

Congrats all!

Maybe next next next time I'll grab a lucky number :-) thought 200 would win it for sure!

Sandy said...

YAY!!!!! I am so excited..thanks so much Peter!

Murpharoo said...

What !!! Yee ha ! Thanks Peter 😀