Saturday, September 12, 2015

Titanium Chilly Beans!

Hi Folks,

Even though we've had some very warm days recently you can feel a little bit of fall in the air today. Birds are starting to gather in small flocks and the trees are covered in tired looking green leaves that are still only just thinking about changing. Hard to believe we are only three weeks away from what is usually peak leaf season. 

Thanks for the enthusiastic response for the T-Wrex pry bars! I don't know when I might make more of them but hopefully another batch will be in the cards somewhere down the road. That is, if the mill makes more of the thick 3V sheets....I bought up the last two sheets available for the T-Wrex and the forthcoming Mini Wedgies. And speaking of the Wedgies, I haven't started grinding them yet but I will try to get them started in a week or two.

Today I have a micro batch of special Chilly Bean beads done. These are the same large 1 inch diameter as the stainless ones but these are made of anodized titanium. They range from solid colors to multi colored finishes, no plain ones in this batch at all. They are pretty darned cool looking. :)

The ti Chilly Beans will run $85 each plus shipping. This is a one time run and the batch is quite small so one per customer on them please. The order link is below. Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone has a great weekend planned ahead!

Ti Chilly Beans are gone! Thanks so much and have a great weekend folks!


Unknown said...

What metal do you think would have the best properties to actually use those Chilly Beans as icecubes? Those look great though!

Peter Atwood said...

Stainless is probably best for a chiller application but the ti ones sure do look cool. :)

Unknown said...

... my kids had fun with the stainless steel version, encasing them into ice balls made with the Muji Silicone ice ball mold, good hybrid approach. Thanks Peter.