Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Zombie Christmas in August!

Hi Folks,

Well, it's hard to believe it's August already. How the heck does it happen? Somehow these summer days have been slipping by at a very rapid pace and they're showing no signs of slowing down either.

Well, I had originally planned to do this particular sale in July because to me a "Zombie Christmas in July" just sounds a little more like something the Undead could really get into. But somehow I ran out of days so I guess all those zombies will just have to make due with a later date.

These Five Flute beads are super nice. They have a bit of a semi matte sheen to them and a wonderful deep red anodizing. I believe it is Type II anodizing simply because my source doesn't offer Type III in red. However I think they are more than durable enough as they are now. I have chosen the Zombie/Undead/Toxic/Nightmare or whatever you wish to call it, green and black cord and the combination is very dramatic indeed. Perfect for those who wish to spend their evenings staggering across lawns and eating brains. :)

The Zombie Red 5 Flute beads will run $30 plus shipping and the batch is not very large so I will make this a two per customer limit please so that more folks get a chance to snag one. Perhaps more can be made down the road but right now I'm just not sure when....anyway, thank you AS ALWAYS for stopping by and stay cool this month!

Zombie Reds are gone, thank you so much everyone!


ichem said...

Are these titanium or aluminum?

Peter Atwood said...

They are aluminum, titanium does not anodize red. Thanks.

Unknown said...

So happy I got one ..keep up the great work!

Zag96 said...

These are awesome, I hope a future batch will somehow rise off the workbench some time in the future. Congrats to those who scored!

Zardo said...

More Zombie Red - everything !!!

Unknown said...

very nice.
Stil avilable?
Greets from Germany

Peter Atwood said...

Richard, I'm sorry but they are gone...please email with questions though as it's hard to communicate through the blog. I do have other beads on hand and tools as