Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paypal Stuff Is Almost Fixed

Hey Everyone,

The earlier issues I was having with Paypal not letting me know about all my transactions the day that I received them appears to be 100% fixed. No more issues have come up in the past two sales.

That's the good news. The annoying news is that a whole bunch of people who ordered in the past two sales did not receive the usual notification email from paypal saying that the item had shipped. Also included in that email is the tracking number, naturally. So I have had dozens of people emailing me asking for tracking.

OK, I called paypal and they created a ticket for the problem. They have looked into it and are fixing it right now. This is triggering some delayed emails so you might get an email in the next day or two about the G6 Prybaby saying that it shipped. Just ignore it, as you probably already have the G6 in your hot little hands anyway. :)

Hopefully that straightens these minor issues out since I'd so much rather be grinding tools than looking up transactions and sending people emails....


Speaking of grinding tools, I am well on the way now with the T-Wrex pry bars and they will be going out to heat treat in a day or two once they have gotten their final tumble. Also, I have been working for two days on the new P15 Prybabies. These are heavy duty, Roid thickness, and they are now fully prepped and ready to do the bevel grinds.

So, much to look forward to and I'm very busy here this week grinding tools. Have a great weekend folks!




John said...

Great update looking forward to seeing what surprises lay ahead! :-)

Unknown said...

Keep up the hard work bud