Saturday, July 04, 2015

Thank You Military Families!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

Today I thought I might offer up a little thank you to the men and women who serve in our armed forces and their families. We sure do appreciate their hard work and sacrifice.

To mark the day and honor them I have made just 6 red, white and blue keyfobs using anodized titanium, white Delrin and red anodized aluminum five flute Lanslide beads. This will be a Sign Up Sale and will run for one hour, from 12 Noon eastern time to 1PM eastern time today. Afterwards I will pick the 6 winners by random number and send them the sales link.

One entry per person please! It's been a while since I did one of these so if you haven't entered a Sign Up Sale before please take time to read the rules

These special fobs will run $95 each shipped and all proceeds are going to be donated to Fisher House Foundation whose vital work supports our wounded veterans and their visiting families. They make us proud and we can't thank them enough.

SUSale is over. Thank you so much everyone! I'm sure the Fisher House Foundation will be delighted for your support as well. I will post the list of winners in a few minutes and send emails. Thanks again and have a great weekend. :)  

SUSale Rules: Please Read!

SUSale Entrants List


Art V said...

any pictures of the product?

Peter Atwood said...

D'oh, the pictures! Hehe, sorry. :)

Art V said...

nice of you to donate.. In for raffle.

Tyler Rubner said...

In for raffle

David E. Patrick said...

Great way to celebrate! Thx!

Unknown said...

Love it

Unknown said...

Thank you for the opportunity to support US military families Peter!

Belush 2 said...

Thank You Peter for your thoughtfulness of the men and women in the armed forces…
And your consideration to their families…Support for Fisher House Foundation is a great choice!!
For interest and support:

Hope Everyone Enjoys a Safe and Happy Holiday Weekend!!!