Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bronze Terminators with Diamond Knurl

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is having a fine June! It has been quite mild here so far which is OK by me. I'm looking forward to a little beach time this summer though so it would be nice if the water would start warming up.

Projects are steadily moving along although perhaps a little slowly. I started grinding Shutterbugs this week and will be picking away at them for the next few days. They need quite a bit of fussing over but I think they are going to be great when I'm done. In other news, the ti Atwrenches should be cut this week so I'll have those to work on once the Shutterbugs are off to heat treat.

Today I have some new bronze Terminators finished, this time with diamond knurl! I did not make any diamond knurl Terminators in any other material, only bronze, so this batch will be it for them. Up the road I might buy some more titanium bar stock and make some in ti but for now we just have the bronze. These are made from silicon bronze so are quite durable and some are even getting a little patina on them already. They look awesome on my camera bags.

Bronze Terminators will run $25 each plus shipping and the purchase link is below. Thanks for stopping by everyone, it's always hugely appreciated!

These are sold out, thank you so much! 


Unknown said...

Wondering if you are ever available for a custom tool or one off customization. Tried emailing you but I'm not sure I sent it to the right place.

Thanks Peter!

Al said...

Sold out...I missed again!

F350crewzer said...

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of thew new Shutterbug!!

TMedina said...

I hate to, ah, bug, but can we get sneak peeks at the shutterbug?

Unknown said...

I've been trying for a whole year to purchase some tools without sucess.

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks again everyone!

Trevor, I'm trying to get a couple to the finished stage so I can post a teaser on the Toolbook. They are very similar to the Superbugs and Weevils.

Alvin, just send an email to me, and I'm sure I can hook you up with something.

Unknown said...

Same with Alvin, those nice tools are sold out really fast then show up on eBay which the price tag that I can't effort. But I'll keep looking your blog anyway. :(

Unknown said...

If you guys are really jonesing for a tool and dont want to go the Ebay route,email the man. From personal experience I can assure you Peter will hook you up.