Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flat Titanium Keytons

Hi again Folks!

As promised yesterday, I've been busy finishing up some of the flat ti Keyton batch. Some of you may remember the original flat Keytons I made years ago. They proved to be very popular as a super light and slim backup tool for your wallet or keys. Well I decided to revive the concept with the updated and current 2014 Mini Keyton design.

The new flat Mini Keytons are made of .070 thick titanium. They are perhaps slightly thick for use as a screwdriver but you can still easily pop open a paint can lid with them or dig a piece of gravel out of your tire tread, so as a simple pry tool they still have plenty of utility. They are extremely strong, yet ridiculously light in weight. The wrenches are 1/4-3/8 and the cap lifter works like a champ.

I've been playing around with a new anodizing process recently. This is the first batch of titanium tools to feature my new K2 process (Kandy Kolors). I'm happy to report that I'm getting some very bright and interesting colors with this new method and will be using it going forward. I really had fun with these tools, experimenting with as many color combos as I could think of....before anyone asks, these are all colored so far. I do have some plain ones on deck in case I need to make up more colored ones to fulfill these orders but not sure if I will have enough plain unanodized ones for a separate sale. There are a few lefties too if you email me and ask.

So the first wave of flat ti Keytons will run $45 each plus shipping. I will make it a two per customer limit... no choice of colors as they are all as different as I can make them. There are plenty of solids but MANY color fade effects and subtle variations of color tones as well.  The purchase link is below. Thanks for stopping in as always and I hope you're staying cool and hydrated this week!

Wow, sold out in a flash! Thanks everyone!

Here's a small sampling of the K2 finishes:


jodj said...

Just curious, Peter. What's new about your ano process? New power source, bath solution...?

Joe said...

These look nice--sorry I missed 'em!

Al said...

I finally scored a prize from PPT!

Snake Man Bone said...

Hi Peter As always product looks fantastic!!!