Saturday, May 01, 2010

And the Winners Are:

Thanks so much everyone for signing up. I appreciate it very much! I'm sending out emails right now.

The winners with their choices are:

4 jeepse13 #5
79 cw99999 #9
93 error #1
112 walter #11
116 Anders J. #8
140 chiledub #12
174 askelon #3
187 pipeman157 #6
201 SlightPath #7
233 silversatchmo #10
248 dragon3312 #4
277 Jonsey #2


vegassprky said...

Congrats to the winners you got a good one!!! Gary :)>

Aaron said...

Congrats to the winners. I am incredibly jealous.

TDOGG said...

:( [sniffles]

Indy Fab fan said...

Yes, Congrats to the lucky ones, you really did score (though it is a pity to break up the set, they do look magnificent together, as well.)

TDOGG said...

Congrats all. If anyone cannot fulfill their obligation, do let me know! :) Thanks in advance!


Anders said...

I couldnt sleep (the time was 04.30 am in sweden) so I got up and sat down at the computer.
When I discovered I was a winner I started dancing around accidently waking up my girlfriend.
She called me an idiot but then she checked the Wroach out and told me it was ok to mount it on the wall like a piece of art.

Now I have two reflections:
-This is the first Atwood I buy with no intention of using, maybe this is a dangerous path to enter...

-I´m a very lucky guy with the best girlfriend in the world!

Thanks Peter!


Publius said...

I would estimate you had 299 entrants into this sign-up sale, with a standard deviation of 25.3. So we could say with 95% confidence that it was less than 299+2*25.3 = 350 entrants.

Steve said...

Amazing work Peter. Can't believe I didn't check the blog today. Haven't been so mad at myself in a long time! :D

rezzblade said...

Incredibly beautiful. I don't think I've stared at any photos this long as I have been doing on these masterpieces for the past hour lol. I was actually fantasizing that I've won the lottery, and was trying to pick out my baby from the bunch. Great work Peter, all I can say is WOW.

Wes said...

Congrats to all the winners :)
I know I had my eye on one of those bubble patterns if I had won ;)

Nice work Peter.


cobra4246 said...

Congrats to all the winners
I was sooo close!!!!!!!!!!
maybe next time

Jerry Chacon said...

Congrats to all the Winners but especially Anders...great story and great score on the girlfriend.

And the Atwood to never carry???? Slippery slope. ;-)

Anders said...

Thanks alot Jerry!

Yes I´m truly lucky.
My girlfriend wears a Ringtool on her right ringfinger and a Ghost on a leatherstrap around her neck.
Thats her idea of jewelry!
She gets alot of questions about them...

All the best!

The Angry Hippie said...

Damn those Wroaches are pretty. said...

They ARE all pretty! Jonesy got the one I wanted! Congrats! #2 just looks badass to me! haha

Jerry Chacon said...

I'm envious of the one SlightPath got -- #7

But that's just me.

vegassprky said...

I'm envious of all the winners they got some outstanding work, Peter outdid himself this time!!! Am curious when Mr. Chubbs SignupSale is coming up? Gary :>P

Peter Atwood said...

I didn't get the sheaths done yet but at least they are started. However, breakfast could be good tomorrow. ;)

vegassprky said...

Thanks Peter, I'll wager that the list will be between 350 and 400! If only I could keep this a secret it might better my odds!!! HAHAHA thats not going to happen around here!!! Gary :>P---

enki said...

ok, time to develop some R.S.I. from the F5 key :)