Monday, May 17, 2010

SuperFly SUSale

Well it's the middle of May and around here that means one thing: Black Fly Season. Every time you go out in the yard for more than two minutes those little bastards will drive you nuts and leave you covered with itchy welts. :)

Anyway, in celebration of pesky insects, I have just 10 of these steel G2 Superbugs covered with swarms of black flies. These will be $70 plus shipping and the sale will end this evening, Monday May 17th at 7PM Eastern time.

Sale is over. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Entrant List

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vegassprky said...

Ouch, I think I've been bitten by SuperFly!!!! Still holding out for "The Creature", so good luck to those that enter!!! Gary :>P

beardy said...

Hi Peter,

What prompted your recent return to the rounded bottle opener instead of the Hex shaped one that you debuted with the G2 Prybaby?


Peter Atwood said...

Ben, just wanted to change things up a bit. The trouble with the hex is that all those angles start fighting with other lines in the design. And when you put a 5/16 hex in this particular design it seems to me that it did not fit well.

KeenBeam said...

Reading your post about blackflies and looking at all the bugs stamped on the SuperFly has made me itchy!

Indy Fab fan said...

will pass as I scored the rawbar version . . . but love the name and the write up! good luck folks!

- - - said...

That looks awesome, I hope I get one, it would be my first Atwood! :)