Thursday, June 06, 2024

Generation 3 TightWads

Hi Everyone,

Well it's another warm and muggy day here in New England with storm in the forecast. We're having a very nice spring for sure and my garden is absolutely thriving. I expect we will see a very hot summer coming up though, and they are predicting a tough hurricane season ahead.

I've been chipping away at the various projects. I got the rest of the timascus Larva tools ground and tumbled out, now just need to give them final color treatments. I finally started grinding the long awaited steel MiniBars and those should be ready to send to heat treat later next week. I will tackle steel Prybabies after those are done, and I have a big batch of timascus Tombstones to start on as well. I'm also contemplating making another batch of titanium Count Sporkulas and perhaps one more timascus item this summer, to be decided.

Today I have some cool new titanium Generation 3 TightWads for you. These have been waiting for quite some time for me to get around to finishing them up and I have actually been working on them for weeks. They are slow going because they like to stick together in the tumblers, so I just do a handful at a time and usually combine them with other items. Even then, many need to be tumbled over and over until they are right...the batch today is titanium but a huge batch of the same design in 301 half hard stainless steel  is also awaiting finishing for later this year.

At any rate, these are fully loaded with features. First is enhanced deep side grips which also allow for easy access to your cards and cash. Next we have the ubiquitous cap lifter and 5/16 wrench combo, as well as 1/2" and 9/16" wrench openings. Then there is a 8-11mm wrench set. Finally, there is a central slot and you might wonder what that is for. :) When I designed these I was looking for a way to add even more features and I realized that a slot would allow for insertion of SAK toothpick, tweezers or pen. This works very well, and you can actually add two tools back to back if you want. 

Now, what I did not anticipate was that the bands might be compromised if they are pierced, and many people seem to go through bands quicker than I thought. So, I am going to leave the bands unpierced and let you DIY if you want to try the SAK tool feature. I recommend using a leather punch and using the smallest hole punch size if you choose to do it. One more thing, I don't have an endless supply of bands, but the TightWads use a standard Youth (not adult!) size wrist band, so you can easily get as many as you need from any online wrist band maker. They are customizable too.

Lastly, the TightWads are all stamped with a wide variety of images!

Gen 3 TightWads will run $70 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for popping in today and have a great weekend ahead!

All gone for now, thank you so much!


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