Friday, August 04, 2023

Fancy Titanium Tombstones

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday! We have had a rather sudden cooling here in the Northeast and it went from being oppressively muggy and warm to feeling almost fall like for the past few days. And although mother nature finally stopped pouring rain on us this week, another storm is heading our way today...But then it's supposed to be a glorious weekend ahead so that should be great.

I've been grinding away on the projects, pun fully intended! I'm just wrapping up a big batch of new titanium Count Sporkulas and the last of them is in the tumblers as I type. I just started working on some fancy Mini Poltergeists and will hopefully get those going soon. Almost done with milling on the new beta titanium Mini Wedgies and hope to get them completed this month. And I just finalized the drawings for a new tool called the Atomic Wedgie which will be getting cut in 1/4 steel next week. Fun stuff ahead!

So today I have the other half of the titanium Tombstone batch completed. These guys are fully loaded with various extra grinds, lots of crazy stamps and contrast anodizing. There are a few lefties here as well so please email me if you want a lefty and I'm happy to hook you up. I also kept back a couple of plain ones without stamps and grinds in case anyone missed the earlier ones.

Fully loaded Ti Tombstones will run $70 plus shipping. Thanks for popping in today and have a fantastic weekend ahead!

All gone, thank you so much folks!   


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