Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass

Hi Folks,

It's a snowy world out there right now. Winter has certainly arrived and is putting us into a deep freeze for the next couple of months. I envy those little creatures in the forest who can curl up and sleep until spring.

As I get my bearings for the new year, there are some new projects in the works and I will be starting on them soon. I have a few steel tools in progress that I need to get finished up and sent out to heat treat. So I will be doing a bunch of grinding off and on this month. Mini Wedgies are already pretty far along and I need to get back to them as my first order of business this year. There is a second large pry bar tool coming called the BarClaw which I will start working on as soon as I get Mini Wedgies done. I also have a couple more small batch odds and ends I'm working on, so it will be an interesting January and February, but with my usual fits and starts.

Today I have some Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass magnifiers for you. These have a cool scallop design milled on the face but otherwise they are exactly the same as the initial batch. There will be a few fancy titanium Treasure Glass magnifiers with the same scallop design coming in a week or two as well. Very fun and different projects!

Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass will run $70 each plus shipping, and it is not a huge batch so two per customer max please. Thank you for coming by today and I hope you're staying warm and safe out there.

Sold out, thank you again everyone!



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