Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Hi Everyone,

Well, we're in the waning days of summer up here in the Northeast. The days are getting a lot shorter lately, and it's finally cooling down a bit after what seemed like an endless procession of hot days. Indeed, it was the hottest summer on average that we have ever had, and must have been one of the wettest as well. I lost a lot of veggies this year due to rot as the rains simply would not quit. We had about 30 inches total in July and August which is a crazy amount. And we're on track for a a very wet September too.

So, the projects are slowly moving along. I sent a batch of Mini Prybabies to heat treat last week and they should be done about a week from now. A second batch of Prybabies with additional milled feature is next up on the bench and will be sent out probably next week. Also, Mini Wedgies have been milled and now just need some grinding and stamps and then they will go out for heat treat as well. Zr R25 ruler tools are getting milled right now, and Zr QuickDraws will follow those.

Sheaths have been slow to finish on the long awaited BabySharks, but I finally have enough done to put up a sale for some of them! This is the first wave and is only about a 1/4 of the entire batch. More will be coming through the month of September as I receive them. I am hoping to get through them all by mid October, so fear not, many more of these BabySharks are on the way. These first two waves are all just stamped, but some slightly different ones will come in the final group and those will have some further embellishments.

BabySharks are my latest take on ultra compact fixed utility blades. These cute little guys are made of CPM 154 steel with a forward canted 1.25 inch cutting edge. They have a tumbled stonewash finish. I gave them a Tiny Tim style rear utility feature for the handle, and so we have a 5/16 wrench, a small prytip and a cap lifter built in. A 1/4 hex in the center provides a handy grip control point as well as a sheath detent area for secure carry. The top thumb grip area and deep forefinger cutout provide further control and a secure holding position. The ergonomics are very nice on these and the fiddle factor is excellent.

I don't recommend you try to use any of the tool features unless the blade is securely held in the sheath, but these minimalist sheaths have a nice fit and the ensemble makes for a very handy package to have in your pocket or on a key ring. I wasn't really thinking neck knife when I made this stripped down sheath design, but of course you could easily put a small split ring on them and run some bead chain through if you want to carry them that way.

The BabySharks are stamped with a wide variety of my antique and modern stamped images. There are a handful of lefties here as well if anyone wants to email me for those.

Stamped BabySharks will run $150 plus shipping, and due to the very limited quantities these are going to be one per customer please. Thanks for your great patience this summer and hope you all are enjoying the warm weather while it lasts...stay safe out there!

Wow, gone in a flash!! Thank you so much everyone!


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