Thursday, July 09, 2020

Stamped Zirconium Hangmen

Hi Everyone,

Well the summer is flying by and it's hard to believe we are already in July. We had several days of rain storms here last week so the drought cycle is finally broken, much to everyone's tremendous relief, although we still need several inches of rain to get us back up to speed. The weeks of dry windy days in June took a heavy toll on my lawn which is going to need some reseeding this fall. More storms are due over much of the weekend.

I've been taking it a bit easy over these past two weeks. I needed to take a few days off to finish some projects around the house, tend to my gardens, do some careful shopping, take care of car related obligations, etc. It was good to get all those pesky errands out of the way because no doubt there will be dozens more coming up to take their place!

The constant stream of world events are so disturbing and disruptive this year that it is making it hard to concentrate on work and develop new ideas. Many creative folks have been reporting the same issues for months so it seems to be a pretty widespread problem. I do remain somewhat optimistic though and I think we will survive this dreadful period of time, somehow, but people have just got to start wising up and keep looking out for one another. Let's all keep informed and hope for the best.

Today I have some Zirconium Hangmen with stamps for you. These little beauties have my usual wide variety of stamped images and feature the traditional gray/black heat colored Zirconium finish. A second smaller group of these with a brand new sparkly and subtly colored Metal Flake Finish is also in the wings.

Stamped Zr Hangmen will run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping by my friends. I hope you're staying healthy and have a great summer weekend ahead!

Sold out, thank you so much folks!


P.S. Remembering my friend Dean today, who worked at the local post office for decades. He handled literally thousands of Atwood packages over the years, before finally retiring in 2018. Dean was a sweet and kind man, loved by everyone and he will be sorely missed. Sadly, he never really got to enjoy his retirement because of early onset dementia, and then this spring while in a care facility I'm told the Covid-19 got him. RIP my friend.  

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